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April 2015

Spring Mixed Daffodils

Spring Mixed Daffodils

April has really got off to a flying start.  The very cold wind and the rain that demolished my tubs of daffodils finally moved away and were replaced by some warmer and kinder weather for our Easter weekend. There is so much activity in the garden, most notably the wonderful bright red tulips ‘sunburst’ in the tubs at the front of the house.  The wall flowers grown from seed last May have burst into flower.  They are really quite beautiful, colourful and sweet scented and a great addition to our spring garden.  Wall flowers are very undervalued; quite apart from their beauty they also make really good cutting flowers with strong stems and good vase life.

All the seedlings that were potted on two weeks ago have thrived in the cold frame and on the various window sills on the porch and in the house.   Where ever there was a space there was a little pot of something!  Thankfully with the weather now a bit milder it has been a good time to get all these seedlings planted out into the cutting patch with lots of help from the family!

Tulips 'Sunburst'

Tulips ‘Sunburst’

The edible flower seedlings have now taken up residence in our new edible flower patch and with the weather set to stay warm for a few more days they will have a chance to get established.

We now have an edible flower patch with two varieties of sunflowers ‘copper queen’ and ‘garden statement’; two varieties of cornflowers ‘blue ball’ and ‘double black’; two varieties of nasturtiums ‘alaska mixed’ and ‘tom thumb’ and one variety of calendula ‘neon’.  We have covered all the young plants with cloches to protect them from the wildlife and the cold nights.  We have also planted another variety of nasturtium seeds ‘prince charming’ directly into the ground and have left a space to add the evening primrose seedlings when they are ready to go out.  All very exciting!

Beautiful sweet scented Wallflowers

Beautiful sweet scented Wallflowers

Into our cutting patch we have planted the two varieties of cosmos ‘purity and ‘pied piper; scabiosa ‘back in black’ and calendula ‘art shades’.  We also planted a couple of rows of seeds direct into the ground, larkspur ‘giant imperial mixed’; nigella (love in  a mist); gypsophila and feverfew.  Along the fence we have planted several different varieties of sweet peas and we have dug up in clumps and moved the poppy seedlings that had self- seeded from last year.  These we have planted along the wall and also thinned out the corncockles grown from seed last year and planted the spare young plants in front of the poppies.  If all goes well, in a few months’ time it really is going to be a blast of colour!

Spring Flowers - Wallflowers, Tulips and Daffodils

Spring Flowers – Wallflowers, Tulips and Daffodils

Tulips - love these primary colours!

Tulips – love these primary colours!

Wallflowers, tulips and daffodils together make a wonderful splash of colour!  See the ‘Flowers in the home’ section for more details.

More Spring Flowers!

More Spring Flowers!

April has been a really busy and exciting month.  All the seedlings planted out a few weeks ago are thriving in the flower cutting patch and also in the edible flower patch.  The evening primrose seedlings were planted out this weekend  (the last weekend of April) and also the third variety of nasturtiums ‘prince charming’.  The gypsophila and nigella seeds have come up and the germination has been really good.  We are still covering the most delicate plants with cloches on cold nights.

Just Wallflowers - Just Amazing!

Just Wallflowers – Just Amazing!

The Edible Flower Patch - End April

The Edible Flower Patch – End April