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March 2016

March 2016

The first week of March this year has been so different from last year with freezing cold winds and many wintry showers but ever hopeful of that spring sunshine I have been planting more seeds.

Encouraged by the fantastic germination of the seeds that I planted two weekends ago I have now planted some of the trickier ones to grow including Bupleurum rotundifolium which I tried to grow without success last year. Well you know what they say, if you fail then try and try again! This year we are also going to grow Lysimachia ephemerium and Alchemilla Mollis robustica from seed. I also planted the first of many Cosmos seeds, a lovely mix of vibrant oranges, reds and yellows called Polidor mixed.

First of the Tulips 'Pink Impression'

First of the Tulips ‘Pink Impression’

By the second week of March the weather has warmed up and the weekend is set to be a fine and sunny one! We have some beautiful tulips flowering in our patio tubs and lots of activity as the garden starts to wake up and gradually come to life once again. I cut back the dead wood on last year’s phlox and there is already lots of new growth starting to come through and the five different mint plants in the tub outside the back door have all survived the winter and have tiny little shoots.

This weekend, the second weekend of March I am planting more seeds. This time two different varieties of larkspur, giant imperial mixed and hyacinth dwarf mixed. I am also planting two different Nigella, Phlox, Gypsophelia, Scabiosa and Emilia. I have also planted some Gladioli bulbs in the cutting patch. It is lovely just to be outside in the garden with the warmth of the sun on my back.

In complete contrast to last weekend, this third weekend of March has been cloudy and cold with a bitter wind. Having now almost completely run out of space on the windowsills around the house and porch I have had to resort to planting my next batches of seeds into two 36 cell trays. In one tray I have planted six different varieties of Cosmos and in the second tray I have planted Antirrhinums, Rudbeckia and Penstemon. I have also planted some Shiso Purple which is an edible herb with beautiful dark purple leaves and which I hope will make an interesting addition to this year’s edible patch.